Rich Dad Summit

Discover seven ways to create a sustainable passive income for life,
so you can work less, earn more and finally escape the rat race

Robert Kiyosaki, Founder of Rich Dad, will show you:
• The secrets to building long-term wealth
• How to invest in real estate, stocks and anything
• The opportunity in bitcoin
• How to leverage the global economy to develop a business
• The fastest way to start a business with the X Factor
• The difference between creating a job and being an entrepreneur
• Why you need to acquire assets and run from liabilities
• How to build a team around your business

Get access to the 2 -Day Rich Dad Summit replays for just $1

The Rich Dad Virtual Summit was a 2-day 100% online event designed
specifically for people who want to
• Make more money
• Have their money make more money with the system

You are in the right place if you:
• Are tired of working for someone else and want to call your own shot
• Tried to start your own business, and then got overwhelmed and gave up
• Want to build real long-term wealth, so you and your loved ones will be
set for new comfortable life without worrying about money ever again
• Are absolutely sick and tired of living from pay check to pay check and
you want to become an entrepreneur – but the thought of trying to
figure it out on your own is terrifying

If any of those above sound like you then…
… pay just $1 and get access to the Rich Dad Summit Replays

The Rich Dad Summit gives you the tools, resources and the blueprint you need
to make a lot of money by working smarter, not harder

We will be teaching you entrepreneurship, stock investing, build long-term wealth,
the fastest way to start a business, profit from real estate the Rich Dad way and more

You will be acquiring valuable tips from the keynote speakers and presenters:
• Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author Rich Dad Poor Dad
• Robert’s real estate investing coaches
• Anik Singal, CEO & founder Lurn Inc
• Kotton Grammer, SEO & marketing guru
• Andy Tanner, master teacher & investor
• Tom Wheelwright, author of Tax Free Wealth
• Garrett Sutton, legal expert
• Max Wright, bitcoin expert
• Fred Lam, ecommerce millionaire

You will hear from every coaches for just $1 and you are going to love it

Course like these will cost you thousand of dollars to attend, not to mention flight
and hotel accommodation expenses

The Rich Dad virtual summit is online and cost only $1

This summit has changed so many people lives and it will change your life too.

It is a 16 hours of amazing training for you. You don’t have to take off from your job.
You will be in front of your computer to experience the life-changing education

Get access now for just $1


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