Netotraffic User Review – Don Not Waste Your Money


Netotraffic – Website Traffic Vendor

This is my honest and insight review as a user of Netotraffic. Before I proceed I would like to give you an idea what are the services Netotraffic provided.

The main business of Netotraffic is to sell website traffic. These are the website traffic packages that you can buy from Netotraffic:

Website Targeted Traffic – Targeted traffic by geographical location and contextual targeting

Real Human Traffic – Visitors a from real human with unique IP address

Quality Traffic – Traffic is delivered through full page pop under traffic windows or native ads

Social Traffic – Traffic from social networks and social media services

Bulk Traffic – Bulk traffic comes from advertising network

Social Media Traffic – Visitors are from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

USA Website Traffic – Targeted traffic from specific countries, towns and regions

Guaranteed Signups – Leads are captured through banners and text ads placed by Netotraffic which are then directed to your opt-in page.

Other services include Link Building, SEO Service, Native Ads Traffic, Mobile Traffic, Bulk Traffic and Cheap Traffic.

I decided to buy 3,000 clicks USA Traffic for $12 and 25 Guaranteed Signups for $45. I used ROI Panel Tracking System to tracks the traffic. Here are the results:


3,000 Clicks USA Traffic

Campaign runs from 26 Nov 2019 to 9 Dec 2019. I received a total of 1653 unique clicks instead of 3,000 and zero opt in rate.







25 Guaranteed Signups

I am really disappointed. All the 25 signups (or rather 28) came from one unique source – same browser and same Window 7 OS (same person on same computer?), although the IP address came from different countries.







All the clicks came in succession of few seconds within each other (see Visit Date below). First traffic registered on 2 Dec 2019 (09.25.03 hr) and last traffic came on 2 Dec 2019 (09.57.35 hr). Fast cash eh? Earn $45 for 30 minutes job.














These visitors entered their names and email addresses to my community group and none of them responded to our group correspondence.


My Verdict On Netotraffic

I waste money. Don’t waste your money.

If you need organic traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines for your website or build your subscribers list, Wealthy Affiliate provide training on CPC (Cost Per Click) campaign. You can join Wealthy Affiliate at zero cost.

As a free Starter Member, you get full access to getting-started training and tools, two free websites with free domain name and free hosting, and full support from most helpful and successful community.

Here are some accomplishments that you will achieve within just the first 10 lessons of the training:

  • You have already chosen your very own niche online business
  • You have built your first niche website (no technical knowledge required)
  • You will have networked with some top internet marketers in the world
  • You will be getting your website indexed by Google
  • You will have the foundation of a successful business set-up

How much is the cost for achieving all the above? FREE. Yes all of this is for free.

Virtually everyone can benefit from the services of Wealthy Affiliate, and these people include those who are:

  • Searching for the latest lottery numbers
  • Searching to book their next beach vacation
  • Searching to send their kids to summer camp
  • Searching to become an expert day trader
  • Searching for ways to pay their debts
  • Searching to sell something online

This program also benefits:

  • College students
  • 9 to 5 workers
  • Stay at home mom
  • Single mom and dad
  • Baby boomers

If you fall into one of the above categories, you may wish to visit this website and see if this platform works for you.

May you achieve your goals and succeed in your online business



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