Money In The List

The Money Is In The List?

You have heard this many times before…

Dozens… Or even hundreds of times before…

I am talking about the famous internet marketing phrase “the money is in the list”. I cannot even imagine how many times I have heard someone saying this…

Do you know why people keep saying it? And why I am writing about this here?

It is because the money is REALLY in the list. And if you have never made a penny with email marketing before, that does not mean that you do not have any chance to make money online, or it is impossible for you to make money with email list.

Chances are that you are over-complicating things, and that is exactly why you did not make big money online.

Let me ask you – have you ever built an email list before? If so, what was the process like? You create a lead capture page, you have a thank you page with a gift, and then you drive traffic and expect to get that “$1 per subscriber” return in investment that everyone keeps talking about?


It may not work for everybody. To build your list, you need a captivating capture page to attract visitors to sign up as your subscriber and you need constant flow of traffic to visit your capture page.

Buying traffic is not cheap. Most solo ad vendors charged a minimum of 40 cents a click. If you are on a tight budget, this will eat up your pocket before you see a positive result.

So to achieve fast result, what is your alternative then? If you have ideas, you may consider transforming your ideas into profits. Everybody has a hobby and it only takes one idea to create a very successful business online.

Visit this site. It will show you how to build your online business with minimal cost. In fact you can start with no cost at all.

Hope the site will help you solve your search for a better system to build your internet business



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